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Buildings and Multi Family Dwellings Monthly maintenance

  Service includes, but is not limited to the  maintenance service of all available apartments, all hallways, all compactor  chutes, boiler rooms, utility rooms, and any other accessible areas at time of  visit. Also, any building under monthly maintenance service will automatically  receive a 20% discount on all specialty cleanout services such as rodent  proofing and bed bug treatments etc. in each unit that needs specialty  serives. Prepartion: All tenants living in  buildings and multi family dwellings should be on notice the day service is  scheduled. 

Bed Bug Service

  This service includes the first visit and 2 follow  up visits for a total of 3 visits to insure your problem is eliminated. Service  includes but is not limited to a thorough inspection and treatment of all beds,  headboards, box springs, sofas, chairs, picture frames, moldings, curtains,  closets, draws, and any other possible harborage locations. Fan spraying of all  carpets.

Preparations:  Customer must clean all laundry in hot water, and empty all draws and closets.  Vacuum rugs and couches before treatment and after chemical dries. For most bed bug  treatments, there is no need to address books, electronics or dry cleaning  during the preparation phase.

General Mouse/Rat Service

  Service includes  placement of glue traps, baits and poisons in key places. The strategy here is  to kill and trap all rodents that get into structure.

Rodent Proofing:

  The strategy of rodent proofing is to find  all holes and any entry points that give rodents access and seal them up to  prevent mice and rats from getting into the structure in the first place.  Service includes an inspection to find holes and other openings which are then  sealed with materials like steel wool, wire meshing and foam cement. Glue traps,  baits and poisons will be placed to catch and kill any rodents that may be  trapped inside the structure after all entry/exit points have been sealed up.  Preperation: Empty all cabinets, closets and  under all sinks. Move all furniture and other items away from all the walls and  radiators.  

General Insect Cleanout Service

  Treatment will kill roaches, ants, silverfish, centipedes, water bugs, beetles,  crickets, spiders, sow bugs and more. Service includes a full inspection and the  crack and crevice treatment of the entire structure, with suspend insecticide,  gentrol growth regulator, and baits and gels where necessary.  Preparation:  Empty cabinets, closet and under sinks.

Animal Removal

A-List is very experienced with trapping and removing all kinds of animals like raccoons, squirrels, birds, opossums and other critters that invade your home or outdoor space.


Termites can be a very big and very costly problem here in New York. You can depend on A-List for any termite related issues. We will do everything from termite inspections including required VA inspections to treatments that will eliminate termites from your home or business.